Our family-owned business produces an extensive range of authentic European delicacies for the food service and specialty retail market. Casalingo uses traditional methods to ensure every slice is a ‘taste of tradition’!

Our wonderful range of traditional Italian products also include Salami: Casalingo, Veneto, Calabrese, Pepperoni & Cacciatore. Our salamis are made using only the finest pork meat and imported Italian seasonings. Porchetta: Seasoned roast pork loin. This favorite is enjoyed both hot and cold. Fresh Salsicce: Traditional Italian sausages in a variety of flavors using only the best pork meat and seasoningsā€¦And Chorizo: A Spanish style salami bursting with flavour. Add our delicious chorizo to your paella or pizza recipes for an unforgettable gourmet experience, also available diced.

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