Our Story

At Casalingo, we are passionate about food, family, and tradition.

Our story began in the Abruzzo region, east of Rome, Italy. In this central-east Italian region, a Ventura family business of three generations produced prosciutto and other Italian smallgoods for locals.

Upon emigrating to Melbourne, Australia, and with their long family history of prosciutto and Italian smallgoods production behind them, two Ventura brothers – Francesco and Carmine Ventura – established a business doing what they knew best. For 30 years, Carmine and his wife Angelina worked from their North Fitzroy butcher shop, keeping the family tradition of prosciutto production and other Italian delicacies alive. With a reputation of excellent prosciutto, the family business eventually expanded into wholesale and began supplying delis and butchers across Melbourne.

About 15 years ago, son Domenic and grandson Carmine Jnr, made a decision to restore Casalingo to its roots as a manufacturer of premium Italian smallgoods with a focus on wholesale, concentrating production in a state of the art facility in Clayton, Melbourne, Victoria.

Today, Casalingo continues to grow, with a focus on Italian and European-style premium smallgoods, including prosciutto, pancetta, chorizo, bresaola, salami and the finest fresh sausages.

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Our Production

Casalingo is an independent and family owned business with over 50 years of experience. Using traditional recipes and high quality ingredients, we offer a diverse and premium product range that is 100% Australian made.

The current factory in Clayton, Victoria, was established in 2001 and is modern and state of the art, with advanced machinery and processes. Casalingo has the ability to control manufacturing, allowing service to many customer segments with various product requirements.

Our premium smallgoods are manufactured under license by the Department of Agriculture. Casalingo is HACCP & SQF certified for the manufacture, storage, and distribution of smallgoods, and operates in compliance with all the relevant codes of practice for the state of Victoria and the Australia and New Zealand Food Authority.

Casalingo also has a license to export, ensuring that we can facilitate distribution to all parts of the globe. Our export license includes: Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius, Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and many more.